Wednesday, November 11, 2009

old jumper

You know when you're digging around in your wardrobe, looking for that t-shirt you bought a couple of weeks ago? You can't find it anywhere. Where the fuck is it? It was only £8 from Toppy, but you can't have lost it already. Could you? How annoying. Anyway, as you're digging around, you find this old jumper you haven't worn for literally years. Like, actually years. You check your watch and you're already late for work, and you can't find that fucking t-shirt anyway, so you try it on and have a look in the mirror.

It feels quite nice against your skin. All comfy and nice. Like a comfy nice jumper. And it looks alright too. Not dead trendy, but it's been worn so many times it fits you like a glove. Only, it's a jumper. So you wear it that day. Maybe even get a couple of compliments on it. It goes back in the wardrobe on a hanger this time. It's been missing for years and is now your new favourite jumper.

But will you wear it ever again? Will it stay hung up for another two years until another t-shirt goes AWOL?

Who knows. And that's how I feel about my blog. Right now, I think I love it and think I want to play with it all the time. But will it last?

Fuck knows.

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