Thursday, March 23, 2006

andrew, meet the kid

Well, nowt happened Monday or Tuesday: up at 6, work all day, home at 8, eat, clean, sleep, up at 6, work all day, eat, clean, sleep. Not very exciting.

Yesterday, however, got some good news at work - I'm getting to produce a show all of my own in a couple of weeks, which is cool - and then went on a date I'd arranged with The Kid.

Me and The Kid always have a cool time whatever we do, but we're both quite indecisive, and have a tendancy to um... and ar... about where we should go/what we should do/how much we should drink, so I reckoned it might be quite nice for me to book somewhere nice and keep it as a surpirse for him. Aren't I just the best??? Or just quite regular? Thought so.

So I booked this place in London's Trendy Gay Soho called Andrew Edmonds. They had to squeeze me in at 7pm, and said I had to be on time, so I arranged to meet The Kid at 6.45 near the restaurant so that we could mosey down together and I oculd do a big "ta-daaaa!" when we got there. Now, I'd spoken to The Kid the previous night and said "don't be late!" to which he got slightly offended (he's always late, but most of the time I find it kind of eye-rollingly endearing). But he assured me that because he had NOTHING to do aaaalllll day, how could he possibly be late?

So when he was late, it didn't come as a massive shock to be fari, but I was still a bit miffed. Only because I had to tell him over the phone where to meet me and it spoilt my surprise a bit. Humph. But we got and the place is lovely. Really small, but nicely romantic and quite quiet. We were both a bit nervous for some reason - I think because it felt like a real proper date, and also I think The Kid thought I was annoyed with him. But I wasn't! I think he thinks I'm a proper grump...

But we soon settled in and the meal was absolutely fantastic, and so was the Lebanese (!) wine. Do you want to know what we had? Not really? Well, I had duck for my main which was incredible. As was everything else. And not that expensive either, really - £65 for both of us, including service! Cool.

After that, we went for a Long Island Ice Tea in the upstairs bit of Element and then got a taxi home. It was so nice being home at a reasonable hour, and not being wasted. We even just had a cup of tea when we got in (and a ciggie). Oh, and we looked at houses to buy in NZ, but only for a laugh. It still made me feel all warm on the inside, though. Hoho.

And when I woke up this morning, not only was it a gorgeous day, but my skin's still looking alright, The Kid made me breakfast, I wasn't hungover and we had time for silly chats. Brilliant!

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