Friday, March 17, 2006


Well. No one saw that shit-storm coming. You know those days when you're totally calm because you know that you're totally prepared for your day at work? That's how I felt yesterday. And then suddenly everything went tits north and the space/time continuum ruptured, causing everything to shift into retardo-gear. Awful. Truly awful. But a post-show glass of vino and half a pack of Luckies later everything was aaaalll alright.

We were supposed to be going to an opening of a bar in London's Trendy Shoreditch. But we were all fooked off and tired and stressed, so we headed back to Cla'am for beers-a-plenty in The People's Republic. It was just me and Dicky to start with, but soon we were joined by Pete, Jacqui and Billy. I smoked my way through an inordinate amount of ciggies, but the music was good and the chairs really comfortable. We talked work, nonsense and fun times and I was thankfully in bed by midnight.

Nothing else of note really happened, though, to be honest. Although I did get the chance to chat quickly with Dicky about the whole Xian thing. Xian being Dicky's ex boyfriend, and an ex-datee of mine from a loooong time ago. Anyhoo, it turns out they broke up because Xian was still kind of obsessing about me and thinks that I'm amazing blah, blah, blah. Dicky's fine, and so am I. Although I'm perplexed as to why Xian felt the need to email to tell me exactly why they broke up. Strange little man.

Anything else? Oh, The Kid went to Brighton to meet his mate. Mate didn't turn up or answer his phone, so The Kid ended up eating fish chips and going to the cinema on his own. Awww... By the way, The Kid says don't watch Date Movie. It's "possibly the worst movie of the year". Who'd have thought?

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