Tuesday, March 21, 2006

yeah, yeah... i'm gonna network

Right, so Friday night I had two choices of Fun:

1) Go to Hip Hip with The Kid for Emma's birthday, or
2) Go to The Bear in Farringdon with Pete for Rachel's birthday.

Oh, and quite coincidentally, it was my 3rd anniversary in London Town! Yey me for still being solvent after three years of hard liver-punishment! But what to do, what to do... Well, seeing as I'd spent Tuesday and Wednesday with The Kid, I thought it'd be cool to go for drinkies with Pete in Farringdon. There were going to be lots and lots of telly-type people for me to network with and I'm out of a job in 7 weeks so I thought I might be able to schmooze at the same time. Obviously just ended up getting wankered, though, and by eleven o'clock I was feeling the need to see The Kid.

Having not randomly appeared at a club to "surprise" The Kid for a while, I decided that texting was NOT the answer, so just turned up. Reception? GREAT!!! Ah, it was very fun. Now, normally I'd obviously wax lyrical about how good the night was. But I was so shit-faced I can't remember it. But it was good. We snogged lots (The Kid and I, obviously) and he had to sleep in the cab on the way home (he was much drunker than I - he kept falling off the stage, fnar).

Sleeps, more sleeps, rudies, sleeps, goooooood.

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