Wednesday, March 15, 2006

vagisil and vegans

Oooh... It was my first ever birthday meal out with some of The Kid's mates and I was nervous as hell. Luckily enough, we were staying well within my comfort zone - a non-smoking vegitarian restaurant :-| . Okay, so maybe I wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of going to Mildred's in Soho to celebrate Emma's 32nd birthday, but I try and tackle everything with gusto. Gusto wasn't in, though, so I had to tackle it on my own. A-boo-hoo.

I rocked up to The Kid's with a bottle of champagne - he's just got a new job so I thought I'd help him celebrate - but we didnt get chance to drink it as we were already late. Which isn't like us. At all.

We made it to Mildred's by about 7.30 but Emma and Pals hadn't been seated yet, so with a rumbling in my stomach we perched at the bar, necked a botle of house red and waited for a table. We'd polished off the vin rouge before we ordered and I was absolutely ravenous, so decided to go for a starter AND a main. Wowsers. My logic was that a) I was hungry and b) there was no meat involved so it couldn't possibly fill me up. Could it?

Cut to 45 minutes, one plate of humous and flat-bread, a tomato and cabbage "burger" and chips and half of Emma's vegan wheat-free stir-fry and both The Kid and I were rolling about in agony. I think my body went into vitamin shock. the Kid suffered more, claiming to have experienced a 4 minute fart in the gents. 4 minutes. A very specific amount of time. Images of Norris McWhirter holding a stop-watch whilst The Kid broke a constant stream of wind and Roy Castle tap-danced in the corner sprang to mind. But The Kid assured me this was not the case. Damn. The experience was non-too-horredous, either. Apart from having to share the table with oh-my-god possibly the two most boring girls I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Jesus. I can't even remember their fucking names, they were so painfully dull. And at the end of the meal, I dared suggest that we all chip in to pay for Emma's birthday meal and the daggers I got from them! Arseholes. And they live in Clapham as well, so there's a distinct possiblity that I'll end up bumping into them every two minutes. Well, that would be a concern if my clever little mind hadn't wiped their completely non-descript faces from my mind...

Suitable full and de-gassed, we obviously weren't willing to call it a night and headed to Two Floors which was dead, and only had one floor open so was also slightly misleading.

Then follows the obligatory "shall we stay out longer" discussion with The Kid. Both of us know we're going to go out. Both of us know we're going to end up in the Ghetto. We could have saved a good three minutes by just going straight there.

I'll skip the boring bits - got there, paid in, drank booze, smoked fags, danced a bit to slightly crap music, danced to some much better music. Got home. Good night in all. Well, kind of. Hmmm. Is it worth writing out? Me and The Kid have been together for about 5 months now, and God I love him to bits, but recently things have been going a bit... odd. Not bad. Definitely not bad. He just flirts with folk. And fancies lots of people. But we think about boys in different ways I think. He sees people and thinks "ooh, they're attractive" and he flirts with them. And I know it's harmless. I do know. But it still makes me feel a bit weird, I guess. I think it's made worse by the fact that when we're out he's quite openly flirting with other boys, but I never really feel as though he's flirting with me. And I don't just want it to be all ME! ME! ME! but it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of attention thrown my way.

But don't get me wrong - when we're together he flirts, he touches, grabs and kisses me. Even in restaurants and bars. But the moment we set foot into a gay bar, I kind of feel a little bit... left out. Now, I'm the first to point out that I'm a paranoid little fucker and that's emotionally unstable and needy. But surely that can't be the real problem can it? Oh, fuck knows. The Kid's done a couple of daft things that have annoyed me and caused us to have a couple of "chats", which I hate. I just want things to be fun, but I know that there's gonna be some rough shit as well as all the amazing stuff that we'll do. I'm over it now. Or, rather, I'm over it for now...

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