Friday, March 24, 2006

never mix work and pleasure

Twas Billy's birthday yesterday, so obligatory drinks were to be had at the even more obligatory Studio 6. Now, I really like my work pals, and I love working with them - we alwasy have a really good laugh. I just don't necessarily want to go drinking with them afterwards. Is that bad of me? But luckily some of my old work folks were in the same bar so I sat with them and had a right good catch up. I felt a bit bad for not sitting with my actual colleagues, but... well... I'm a grumpy sod and I didn't want to talk to them. So there.

And then The Kid came down and joined me for a couple of pints which was fucking lush. Really glad he came. Was home (after a horrednous tube journey) by about 11 and in bed by midnight having nice chitty-chat silliness with The Kid. Ah, boys in bed, in their pants. You can't beat it...

Out again tonight in Soho, methinks. Hmmm (rummages through wallet, desperately looking for some forgotten £20 notes).

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